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Types of Asthma

Broadly are three different types of asthma - Extrinsic Asthma, Intrinsic Asthma, Mixed Asthma, which are used as technical terms by doctors and classified so. But there are other types of asthma, which are named based on the kind of symptoms they are about. Here are few such types of asthma:

Silent Asthma
This type of asthma produces attacks with pretty much no warning. Usually is life threatening.

Occupational Asthma
Occupational asthma is a term used for an asthmatic condition that occurs from an asthma trigger at work like smoke, fumes, dust or allergens. People suffering from occupational asthma usually show asthmatic symptoms when they are at the workplace.

Steroid Resistant Asthma
Though in general most patients respond to regular steroids as asthma medications, some patients become steroid resistant. This particular type of asthma is called Steroid resistant asthma.

Allergic Asthma
This kind of asthma has all the symptoms of an allergy - running nose, sneezing, coughing etc. Like the occupational asthma allergic asthma can be prevented by removing the allergic substances away from the asthma patient.

Exercise Induced Asthma
Exercise induced asthma is caused by exercise, usually 10-20 minutes after beginning an exercise usually like running.

The type of asthma that you suffer from determines the kind of asthma treatment you will be recommended and the asthma triggers you should avoid.