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Triggers and Causes of Asthma

There are substances that are known to cause asthma, these causes are called the triggers of asthma. As it is self explainatory the triggers are the substances or the situation that provokes asthma. The common triggers for asthma are:

  • Airborne Allergens - Allergens like pollen grains, animal fur, feathers, animal dander, animal saliva, urine (particularly that of dogs, cats and horses), dust mites, cockroaches, moulds
  • Airborne Particles - Flour, chalk dust, wood dust, coal dust, talcum powder, grains, coffee
  • Air Pollutants - Cigarette smoke, wood smoke, chemicals in air, sulphur dioxide, diesel particles, ozone
  • Alcohol
  • Artificial Fibres
  • Cold, flu, sinusitis, viral infection
  • Cosmetics - cintronella oil
  • Drinks like tea
  • Dyes
  • Exercise mainly in winters
  • Food like cow’s milk, eggs, wheat, cheese, yeast, nuts, fish, pork, corn, apple, asparagus, avocado, bamboo shoots, barley, buckwheat, carrot, celery, chickpea, currants, lentil, melon, onion, pea, peanuts, potatoes, soya, strawberries. • Food Additives like food colors, preservatives, antioxidants
  • Herbs/Spices like aniseeds, coriander,cumin, garlic, mint, oregano, rosemary, tarragon
  • Insect Stings
  • Latex
  • Medication like the following given medicines:  Aspirin, Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, Beta-blocker sthat are used to treat heart diseases, high blood pressure, migraine headaches.
  • Contraceptive pills containing oestrogen
  • Hormone Replacement Therapies
  • Occupational Exposure to substances like adhesives, animal and insects, azodicarbonamide, drug Manufacture, Dyes such as carmine, flour, grain coffee beans, ipecacuanha, ispaghula, metals like aluminium, cobalt, chrome, nickel, platinum salts and stainless steel
  • Proteolytic Enzymes- in baking, meat tenderizing and detergent manufacturing, Soldering Flux, wood dust
  • Plants
  • Salicylates
  • Strong Smells like perfumes, household cleansers, cooking fumes, paints, varnish, strong smelling flowers
  • Temperature and humidity changes