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Signs of Asthma Control

Sign of well-controlled asthma

It is very important for an asthmatic patient to have asthma under control. He should take measures to ensure that the asthma is well under control. The first step to take measures for asthma control is to identify which asthmatic state you are in. We have summed up a few indicators to well controlled and uncontrolled asthma.

Signs to assure you about asthma under control:

  • Your sleep is not disturbed by asthma symptoms frequently.
  • Daytime symptoms are seen less that four times a week.
  • You are not irregular at work or school because of asthma symptoms.
  • Your physical activity is not limited by asthma
  • You don’t take asthma rescue inhaler more than three times a week, except before exercising.

Signs of poor asthma control

Asthma can get worse if proper medication is not taken. It worsens slowly if the initial warning signals of poor asthma is not taken seriously and proper medication is not taken.

Signs of uncontrolled asthma

  • Your sleep is disturbed because of coughing, wheezing or feeling short of breath more than once a week.
  • Your asthma symptoms are keeping you away from your regular activities like exercise.
  • Your asthma rescue inhaler not being very effective.
  • You are using your rescue medication more than three times a week, except during exercise.

If you fall in the category of having uncontrolled asthma, you should see your doctor and seek his advice.