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Pregnancy and Asthma

In case of pregnancy, there is a diversified effect on asthma. In some women pregnancy improves asthma. Research shows that such a condition is mainly seen in women where asthma tends to increase a week before their periods. Similarly, in some women asthma tends to be worse during pregnancy. However the health of the newborn baby in both the conditions remains unaffected.

Pregnancy and AsthmaPregnancy and Asthma

Asthma is a condition which can be inherited, apart from that smoking during pregnancy makes the chance of asthma in newborn to be doubled. Research shows that diseases such as allergic rhinitis or hay fever can be considered as the risk factors of asthma.

The following are the other factors which may increase the chances of developing asthma:

  • Born at the time of the year from the pollen grain are high in count.
  • Brought up in the house where one has pets.
  • When at an early age certain foods are introduced. A few of these foods are cow’s milk and eggs.

The dangerous side of asthma is seen if there are acute asthma attacks during pregnancy which cause shortage of oxygen. Such a condition may cause the babies to be smaller or even stillborn. This condition is quite rarely seen. The medication should be certainly taken during the pregnancy. It is normally said that no medication should be taken in the first three months of pregnancy but the asthma drugs could be used by inhaling and not through the mouth. The drugs for asthma has been checked and confirmed that they are safe during pregnancy.

During the end of pregnancy there could be slight breathing difficulty in some women as the womb pushes the lungs causing the pressure on the lungs. This could be seen during labour as well, it is always a good idea to carry a pack of inhaler in such a situation.