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Intrinsic Asthma

What is Intrinsic Asthma?

Intrinsic Asthma is a type of asthma caused by inhalation of chemicals like smoke, cleaning chemicals odour, chest infections, stress, cold or humid air, food preservatives, other fumes and even taking aspirin. Intrinsic asthma is not caused by allergy and thus the name "intrinsic". Intrinsic Asthma can also be caused to a side effect of sinusitis. Typically Intrinsic asthma is not seen in children and is usually seen in adults aged 40 and above.

Treatment of intrinsic asthma and this type of asthma is generally not as easy. But knowledge of what triggers asthma (in this intrinsic asthma) can help and avoiding such triggers at a later stage. As such in terms of asthma treatment intrinsic asthma is not so responsive to treatment like an allergic asthma

If you are suffering from Intrinsic asthma avoid things like strong odours, perfumes and such things. Also avoid going to bars with smoke, and avoid the other triggers of asthma