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Asthma Relief & Self-help Tips

To overcome the symptoms of asthma, the medication is certainly necessary but along with that it is very important to avoid the triggers that affect you. Here are some self-help tips can be used effectively to prevent you from the asthma severities.

Avoid air pollutants -To avoid the pollutants you need to avoid smoking in the house, avoid walking, cycling on busy roads, keep the windows pulled up if traveling through a busy road or if the road seems to be polluted. Keeping the house well ventilated can be a few precautions that can be followed.

Avoid cold and viral infections -To keep yourself free from cold and viral infections you should keep yourself covered when going out in cold. Having vitamin C supplements is a good idea. Avoid people having cold or flu and avoid smoky rooms in winter.

Avoid dust mites and dust - For avoiding the dust and dust mites you need to reduce the humidity by opening a window or door in the bathroom, kitchen. If the weather is not very good keep the doors closed. You should not dry the clothes inside the house, the task should be done only outdoors. The second is to reduce the dust inside the house.

Bedding - Shake blankets, pillow, quilts and duevet outside, regular washing of bedding, curtains, soft toys so as to kill the dust mites, using dust proofing bed covers, not to use feather pillows, etc. It is always better to replace the beddings, pillows on regular basis. Airing and drying the beds and beddings is also a good approach to prevent from such severe conditions.

Flooring and fabrics - Avoid usage of carpets on the floor • Avoiding medication problem

Avoid moulds - Keeping the house and the workplace clean, wiping surfaces with vinegar and cleaning it so that the moulds don’t grow. Reducing the number of plant in the house as the moulds can grow easily on them. Removing the fallen leaves, grass clippings from the garden and avoid compost heap in the garden.

Avoid Occupational triggers - It could be done by moving the trigger producing agent to be moved to another part of the workplace. Using protective equipments to keep yourself safe. The most important is to keep your employer informed about your condition.

Avoid pet allergens -It would be important to keep the pet clean by atleast washing it once a week, keeping the pet away from the bed, washing hands thoroughly after playing or taking care of the pets.

Avoid pollens

Avoid strong smell -Avoid the freshners, perfumes, cosmetics, flowers, etc that might trigger the asthma in you.

Weight control - If you are overweight, the asthma can worsen as the fat layers may make it difficult for the lungs to breathe properly.