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Asthma Medications and Asthma Medicines

There are a number of medicines that are recommended by doctors for asthmatic patients. The doctors primarily classify the asthma medications into three:

Asthma Preventer Medicine

These asthma medications are usually brown, white, red or orange in color and usually containing corticostreroids. These medications are inhaled (asthma inhalers) and are either steroids (such as Aerobec, Becotide, Filair, Flixptide and Pulmicort) or belong to any other anti-inflammatory group (Intal or Tilade). These asthma medicines calm the inflammation in the airways and curb the dilating of the blood vessels and from becoming leaky. They must be taken regularly to have their maximum effect in preventing symptoms. If the mouth is washed afterwards and the water is spit out, it is seen that it reduces the side effects.

Asthma Relieving Medications
These asthma medications are usually blue in color, these opens up the airways, which causes the muscles to relax so that one can easily breathe. These are there to relieve symptoms when they occur and therefore do not need to be taken regularly. Infact it is said that it is more effective when taken occasionally rather than regularly. It is seen that if these relievers need to be used more than three times a week then the medication should be changed to preventer medicines.

Long Acting Asthma Reliever Medication

These long acting asthma reliever medicines are reserved for people already taking preventers and need extra medication. These asthma medicines should be taken regularly even if no symptoms are seen at a point of time. The inhaler used for asthmatic patients should be used as soon as you see the symptoms like cold, cough, wheeze or shortness of breath.

Apart from the standard medications for asthma, there are a number of herbal medicines for asthma that are relatively safe from side effects caused by asthma medications.