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Asthma and Sports

It is commonly seen that people with asthma are hesitant to get involved in any kind of sports activities. As per the experts, asthmatics can play any kind of sports provided they take certain precautions and are prepared to handle any kind of asthma emergency while they are playing.

The main concern while playing any kind of sport like football, judo, rugby, is the effect of the cold air that causes the muscles around the airways to tighten, which makes it hard to breathe. We have a few tips here to manage your asthma while playing the game. Since most sport activities are exercise based, we recommend you also read upon Exercise induced Asthma.

Tips to manage asthma while playing:

  • Always start the session with warm up exercises.
  • Ensure the inhaler is taken beforehand.
  • Ensure that you always have your inhaler handy with you.
  • Try to avoid things that trigger asthma eg pollen, smoke.
  • If asthma symptoms are seen while playing, ensure that you stop playing and take the reliever inhaler. Ensure that you start playing only when you feel better.
  • Always end your football session with cool down exercises.