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Asthma and Pets

If you are suffering from asthma or have asthmatic symptoms, a pet like a dog or cat can often trigger or alleviate your asthmatic symptoms and asthma allergy. Though, it's not true for every 'asthmatic' person and individual cases are different but if you don't have a pet yet and intend to keep one we suggest borrowing one or spending a little time with the pet before adoption.

Usually, theĀ  saliva, hair, fur urine of the pets are considered to be triggers for asthma and asthma allergy.

If you already have a pet and you suspect your pet to be triggering or alleviating your asthma and asthmatic symptoms, we recommend you avoid keeping a pet. But, if you still want to keep a pet, we suggest you follow the given routine regularly to reduce effects caused by the allergy.

  • Pets should be given a bath every week
  • Never let your pet into the room of the person suffering from asthma
  • Vacuum frequently with a high quality HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner
  • Frequently dust your furnitures and fixtures
  • Use a high quality A/C or furnace filter. Remember to regularly change the filters and clean the A/C.
  • Keep the pets off your furniture, bed and other places where you sleep or sit