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Asthma and Exercise / Exercise Induced Asthma

Many people find exercise as a trigger of asthma. The exercises may worsen the condition of asthma if it is not under control. This is called exercise induced asthma.

Often it is found that children and athletes suffer from exercise induced asthmatic attacks than adults, due to their nature of doing more exercise or exerting themselves more.

If you are asking "Should I exercise with Asthma?", here are certain tips we recommend you follow if you are an asthmatic and would like to exercise:

  • Ensure that you warm up very slowly and similarly you should cool down afterwards slowly.
  • Try to keep yourself away from the asthma triggers like pollen grains, cold dry air, smoke, etc while exercising.
  • Always keep your inhaler, the medication always near you.
  • Take your asthma medication before you exercise.
  • If you have symptoms while exercising stop the exercise immediately, have your medication and sit up straight for a few minutes.
  • If the symptoms does not improve, call for a doctor immediately for assistance.

Does asthma worsen when you exercise?

As per the experts, we normally breathe through our nose which acts as a filter and controls certain particles, controls temperature and humidity before it reaches the lungs. When we exercise, our body needs more oxygen. So, we start breathing from our mouth. In such a case the normal filtering process of the nose does not work and the air directly lands up in the lungs. The air which goes to the lungs is cold and dry and acts as a trigger for asthma.

Are some kinds of exercise worse than others?

Yes, some kinds of exercise can worse your asthma and asthmatic conditions further. For example, running (outdoors especially) is not always recommended and would usually be worse than swimming.

What is the best exercise for someone with asthma?

Is there an exercise that's recommended for asthmatics? We are not qualified to answer that really well, but swimming might be one of the best exercises for someone with asthma as it usually causes the least amount of chest tightness. If you are suffering from asthma then try running indoors if you must, like on a treadmill. However, if you going to exercise it's best to consult a doctor to know what suits your body chemistry.

So, finally should you exercise at all with asthma or should you avoid exercise?

No. On the contrary people with asthma should take as much exercise as possible keeping all safe guards. Exercise is a great way to build strong breathing muscles, which can help in asthma attacks should you suffer from one. We recommend exercise in moderation but exercise you must.