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Asthma and Children

Asthma is a condition that may prevail in children too. Although it is difficult to diagnose it in the early life of the child as certain test may not be conducted on the children. The diagnosis of asthma in young children can be done with asthma symptoms such as coughing a lot at night, less stamina while playing as compared to his peers, susceptible to cold, frequent wheezing, avoiding physical activities to wheeze or cough, noisy breathing chest infection due to cold.

In some children while exercising , they might cough a lot, wheeze or might get chest tightness. The most common trigger in the children for asthma are exercises and viral infections. The family history is also taken into account while diagnosing these kids. It is seen that the childhood asthma is common in boys whereas in adulthood the affected men and women are in almost the same ratio.

Asthma should be treated as soon as it is diagnosed as in children asthma can have a negative impact. The growth of the child may be affected. The reason for this is that the growth hormones that helps in growth of the body is into full swing in sleep and while doing vigorous exercises. In asthmatic condition the child will not be able to get proper sleep and may not be able to do rigorous exercise leads to minimal growth which leads to the child being underweight. In terms of physical exercises, swimming is considered to be one of the best for asthma patients.

Since very young children find it difficult to use the metered dose inhaler, the syrups are generally prescribed for these young children. If your child is suffering from asthma it is very critical to tell the school teacher about the condition of your child. The reason for this is that the teacher can keep a watch on the child and can even remind him to take the medication. This would also allow the easy access to the medication in the school. Hence it becomes very important to inform in the school about such a condition.

To take care of children with asthma one needs to try and follow the given tips:

• Avoid using fabric books and soft blocks,
• Toys to wiped before the child uses it.
• Toys should be frozen to kill the dust mites
• If the asthmatic child needs to sleep in bunker beds, try to put them on the top one.

Asthma and school

It is very essential for a child to have good control over asthma so that he does not miss his school and is able to participate in all school activities including sports, as any other normal child. There should be regular communication between the school and the parents of the child suffering from asthma.

How to manage asthma at school?

  • Parents should provide a copy of the asthma action plan worked out for the child to the concerned person at school.
  • Keep the teacher informed about the asthma medicines that your child is taking.
  • Provide the teacher with the list of asthma triggers for your child, so that they could be avoided.
  • Ensure that the teacher is aware of the rescue inhaler and how to use it.
  • Ensure that the teacher is aware of how to handle an emergency situation.